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Kevin Augustin Photography

Interview with Kevin Augustin

My name is Kevin Augustin, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I relocated to Massachusetts in my early adult years. I have always had an itch for creativity. From drawing on my notebooks in school to trying my creativity in graphic design which led me to photography. Even before I picked up an actual camera I was always taking photos with my phone, taking pictures has always been important to me, you can never relive the same day twice but with pictures, you can remember how the day was special to you. I really started learning photography and really investing in the craft in 2012, I started with a Canon T3 Rebel. Now my everyday camera is a Sony a7iv with an 85mm G-master lens.

Over the years I have self-taught I’ve done a lot of research and even more reading, and a good friend of mine who hates when I call him my mentor; Yohansy is not only my favorite

photographer but has been a major part of my support team throughout my photography

journey. Although capturing memories is what I enjoy most about photography, the type of photography I enjoy doing most is portraits and editorial. Often I get asked, so how did you

get here? The goal is always growing and the strategy is always consistent.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kevin Augustin Photography IG @kevinaphotography

MAKEUP ARTIST: Annemarie Marcelino • IG @am_perfection

MODEL: Annemarie Marcelino • IG @anne.marieoxo

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